Parenting 101: How to Effortlessly Teach Perseverance in Kids

Instilling Endurance in Kids to Achieve Success

Parenting 101: How to Effortlessly Teach Perseverance in Kids

Perseverance can make or break your child’s success. It is a human trait that is essential in accomplishing goals in life. Undeniably, being persistent will lead your kid to reach greater heights. While most psychologists emphasize the vital role of the genes in having a persevering child, this valuable human trait can also be taught to kids. Here’s how.

Let your children experience failure
When you allow your children to face the risk of failure, you teach the value of persistence in your kids in spite of obstacles or prolonged agony. Perseverance simply means working hard in the face of failure or disappointment. It teaches people to pursue their dreams against all odds, even if it takes them a really long time to accomplish their goals.

Allowing your kids to fail will teach them to learn a lesson the hard way. They will be able to learn the important value of tenacity, to keep working until they achieve their objective. For instance, if you do not allow your child to win in a game, he or she will always find ways on how to learn to play and win the game.

Teach goal-setting to your kids
The ability of setting goals and achieving them is one of the invaluable life lessons to share in raising kids with endurance. It can be very helpful for them as they go through life. Teaching children the power of setting and achieving goals is a process they can carry through life. They must remember though that mapping out goals should be coupled with the identification of steps to be followed in order to attain them.

One of the benefits of having a goal is that it helps your kids in setting necessary standards. They get to learn how to manage their time well so that they will meet their goals. And when they have reached their goal, their self-confidence will dramatically increase.

Make sure to also set specific goals that are doable enough for your child. A general goal without a concrete plan will often fail as compared to a goal with a particular plan.

Learn to negotiate with your children
Finding win-win solutions with your children will help tremendously in attaining your respective goals as a parent. Like the Golden rule, you have to have a cooperative attitude with their plans if you want them to submit to your own agenda. Psychological studies show that controlling parenting usually ignites rebellion among kids. If your kids are persistent, it’s very important to teach them to determine primary needs and come up with an agreement that both of you can deal with.

To illustrate, if your child wants to engage in an activity at the moment, perhaps he’ll settle for doing it next time if you set a fixed date with an affirmation.

Give rewards
Acknowledge your child when he or she has shown persistence no matter what the result is. This way, you praise their perseverance for working and not giving up on something. You may even promise a gift or treat if your child has reached the goal.

In rewarding your child’s persistence, you should stress the connection between hard work and success. Instead of giving generalized applause, relate good performance with diligence and hard work. Don’t just say that your child is smart or special; recognize that his or her efforts have really paid off. One of the important values that you teach your child here is responsibility, that success or failure depends on what they exert into it.

Offer encouragement

When your child experiences failure or rejection, respect your kids’ emotions and let them grieve. This is an opportune time for you to teach your child to think that they will not get everything they want. Cheer them up when they are about to surrender, and help them realize that no one achieves something overnight. Oprah Winfrey was terminated from her first job on TV because she was “unfit.” Dr. Seuss was turned down several times before his first book got published. All successful individuals have worked long years to attain their goals.

In mentoring your children to learn the value of perseverance, make sure to build a warm and open relationship with them to make your parenting efforts a lot easier.